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I was born a long, long time ago, on a dark and stormy night…

Well, um, not really. Though that would be a lot more fascinating. It was a small Mid-Estonian town just some dozens of  years ago, actually.

I had a camera once, in my childhood. It was a soviet “Smena 8M” compact, made in Leningrad Optico-Mechanical Amalgation (the manufacturer the whole world knows as “LOMO“), probably a gift for my 7th or 8th birthday. I took tons of shots with it, everywhere i got. I remember how fun it was, not only making the shutter to click, but the whole thing from developing film rolls to spending hours in a darkroom making shots to expose on paper. Or not. I was too lazy and young back then to concern about technique (tough i did know something about light metering), so my activity was something quite lottery-like, correct exposure being rather coincidence. I was a real native lomographer. A lomoborigene.
Unfortunately, no pictures or film rolls remained from that time. And the camera itself became a victim of my mechanical interests after few years of service.

Some years ago, back in 2007 i finally decided to get a new camera. It was a rather spontaneous decision back then. Yet little by little, the photographing, again, became my hobby and passion, now in a bit more serious manner; more considering.

Majority of my photographs present Estonian landscape which I find very inspiring. I don’t count myself as a landscape photographer exclusively, though, and have no actual preference to this category; landscape just happens to be very unfolding for me. I pretty much share the attitude of early photographers of the movement called pictorialism. Having little or no interest in actual documenting of the seen, i rather attempt to espy and save the poetry of the visual, in whatever form it takes.